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Locals Love to Keep Our Events a Secret!

Nestled in the hills just North of Kerrville, Texas, The Ridge Marketplace stands as a testament to the vibrant community it serves.

While it might be easy to dismiss it as just another restaurant or garden center, this hidden gem has so much more to offer than meets the eye. Beyond the tempting aromas wafting from The Cafe at The Ridge and the greenery of the Garden Center, lies a culinary adventure at Wild Flour Bakery, and an event haven that caters to every age group and interest.

Let’s explore The Ridge Marketplace and dive into the enchanting world it creates for residents and visitors alike.

What is The Ridge?

The Ridge Marketplace serves as a welcoming space for the community. Locals know it as a great place to grab a tasty coffee and blueberry muffin to-go. They meet friends for a leisurely lunch or come by and wander the garden center to find the perfect landscape art for their yards. Our facility provides a cozy and inviting atmosphere that encourages patrons to linger, connect, and create lasting memories.

If you’re looking for a place the locals go…you have found it! We are letting the cat out of the bag and no longer keeping our place or our events a secret.

Locals are not only familiar with our restaurant, bakery, and garden center but with our events, too. Are you?

We organize a variety of events throughout the year. If you're wondering about popular events near you, guess what? Conveniently located! The Ridge Marketplace events are 35 minutes from Boerne, 20 minutes from Comfort, and 15 minutes from downtown Kerrville.

Here are some of the more regular events we offer:

The Gardens Center Events

The Gardens hosts workshops and events that aim to educate and inspire the community about the joys of gardening. We foster a sense of environmental consciousness and encourage a deeper connection with nature through The Gardens events. These include everything from planting tutorials to seasonal gardening tips.

The Hill Country Heartbeat: The Ridge Events

While The Cafe, Wild Flour Bakery, and The Gardens can offer a memorable experience, The Ridge Marketplace's crown jewel is undoubtedly the events at The Ridge. Our versatile facilities and grounds are the beating heart of community engagement, offering a range of events catering to all ages and interests.

We regularly host live bands, creating an energetic atmosphere that resonates through the entire hill country marketplace. The diverse lineup ensures that there's something for everyone, from rock enthusiasts to jazz lovers. The venue's acoustics, coupled with our spacious grounds, make it the perfect setting for music lovers. They can come together and feel the magic of the live performances.

In addition to musical performances, The Ridge is a hub for a variety of events catering to adults, children, and families. From holiday events to family-friendly festivals and educational workshops, the calendar is brimming with activities that reflect the diverse interests of our local and surrounding community.

The team at The Ridge Marketplace understands the importance of staying connected to the community. Our events provide the perfect platform for fostering those connections. The inclusive nature of our events ensures all ages and backgrounds can find something that resonates with them.

What is the best way to find local events?

Stay in the Loop by visiting Here residents and visitors alike can plan their visits and ensure they don't miss out on the exciting happenings. Our event team maintains this calendar of upcoming events on its website to keep the community informed and engaged.

Whether you're into live music or family-friendly get-togethers, our website is your go-to guide for making the most of your time at our Kerrville community hub.

What are our upcoming events?

Check out the side panel above or go to our events tab in the nav bar to find all our upcoming events.

Or join our newsletter. We email it out regularly to keep you informed! Sign up here.

So, the next time you find yourself in Kerrville, make sure to explore beyond downtown! Take the short scenic drive North and come find us - The Ridge Marketplace.

Dive into the culinary wonders at the Cafe on the Ridge.

Savor the sweet delights of our Wild Flour Bakery.

Immerse yourself in the greenery of The Gardens.

Come let the lively sounds of our events transport you to a place where community, culture, and commerce come together.

Is there event space for rent?

Have an event you want to host here at the Ridge Marketplace, reach out to our event planning team! They can get you all the information you need to host your event here on our beautiful grounds! Weddings, parties, reunions? Our event planners can help make them all memorable and photo-worthy!